Chef preparing food in outdoor oven

Career Moves in Recovery

Patrick is one of those guys where you hear the slogan…”What a miracle”. It’s often used when referring to people who have recovered from a state of hopelessness and are now “killing-it.”

Patrick’s addiction kept him from pursuing his culinary dreams. A year later & sober, he’s working in a 5 Star restaurant! He wasn’t given this job on a silver platter (pun intended). He had to earn it, just like everything at The Grounds, just like life.

Early in his recovery, Patrick started working in a dirty kitchen at a breakfast place. It was a hard go but he stuck with it and kept his dream alive. After a few months, he landed a job at an upscale Pizza/American Fusion restaurant where he quickly became an instrumental leader. Patrick took risks by providing new menu items and learning new management skills. As a token of gratitude, he prepared a delicious meal for all of the members and staff at The Grounds. It was a great night!

Recently, Patrick was hired at a very upscale restaurant (5 Stars!) in the “foodie” part of downtown San Diego. With some help from his family; he purchased a vehicle and started paying his own car & insurance payments.

True independence is taking shape in strong and tangible ways and running parallel to Patrick’s increased strength within his sobriety. The metaphors are endless.

None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for his commitment to his recovery- FIRST. It opened the doors to long-dormant dreams and goals. At The Grounds, we are so grateful for guys like Patrick who prove that young adults can recover with the help of a safe, structured & supportive environment.

It reminds each of us how awesome life can be.
Independence worth celebrating!