Career and Vocational Training

At The Grounds, our mission is to support members in creating a life of purpose and value. As our members work toward attaining autonomy, independence, and personal fulfillment, we encourage them to find meaningful work and career goals that support this endeavor. Knowing who you are, what you’re good at, what excites you, and “how you do you” is vital to that process.

How We Do It

Upon moving to the Step Down house, case management transfers over to a transition case manager. At this point, we begin implementing the proprietary Greenwood System 75™ (GS75™), a career and vocational exploration and guidance protocol designed to help individuals identify career paths based on interests, abilities and personality. Throughout the process, case managers provide members with one-on-one mentoring, attention to detail and a layer of accountability that helps build momentum and keep goals in focus.

GS75 is the most reliable and valid career matching report available. GS75 and Greenwood Testing are offered upon member’s and family’s request. Utilizing online testing and big data analysis, members get the information they need to:

  • Identify Personal Abilities, Interests, Values, Motivators & Exceptionalities
  • Identify Learning Styles, Work Styles, Strengths, Deficits and “Grit”
  • Make Smart Education Decisions
  • Target the Right Career Path
  • Build a Resume of Relevant Accomplishments
  • Explore and Evaluate Careers Best Suited for Them