Work Experience

While at The Grounds, all members are required to secure employment.  Significant time and resources are devoted to this pursuit.  It is our philosophy that “work” is one of the most therapeutic tools for young adult men.  Oftentimes our members lack self-confidence in their abilities, have little to no work experience and are naïve about the value of money and what life really costs.  Most of our members have been supported and even indulged throughout their life by well-meaning family members and haven’t learned how to set up a bank account, pay bills, create a budget or save for a future goal.  We believe that a healthy understanding and appreciation for money is an important demonstration of maturity, gratitude and responsibility.  Throughout their stay at The Grounds, financial literacy lessons and challenges are presented to members to instill in them a healthy relationship with money.  At times, we will ask families to restrain from making purchases on behalf of the member to allow for this.  Lessons we hope to be learned include:

  • An understanding of exactly what it costs to live independently
  • What it takes to secure and sustain a good job
  • The pride and satisfaction that comes from hard work and completing a task
  • Respect for authority, boss’s and co-workers
  • Responsibility around attendance and timeliness
  • Increased confidence in dealing with people
  • How to choose and place value on perks and benefits
  • Understanding of the tax system and proper filing
  • Saving for something in the future – delayed gratification
  • Prioritizing and evaluating needs vs. wants
  • A deeper appreciation for education and academic pursuits
  • How to do things we don’t want to do with grace and respect

Our families tell us over and over how grateful they are to The Grounds for providing this real-world experience to their son.

Our members take advantage of the job opportunities and variety of jobs available to them.  Some examples of jobs our members have secured:  Pizza parlor, auto shop, swim teacher, lifeguard, bike shop, coffee shop, grocery store, animal kennel/daycare, construction and many more.  We encourage members to search high and low for the job that’s right for them even if that means they need to take a less than desirable position to start.  One step at a time – another way we translate a 12-Step tenant into everyday living.

For most of our members, the freedom and decreased supervision that comes when they secure employment is motivation enough to get out there and “pound the pavement”.