Recovery at The Grounds

Members come to The Grounds because substance use and addiction have taken over their lives in such significant ways that an intervention was necessary.  Recovery is vital to a healthy independent life.  At The Grounds, sobriety comes first.  Most of our members are very clear and familiar on the chaos that abusing drugs and alcohol created in their lives.  Living free from the chaos, coping with uncomfortable emotions, learning how to socialize sober and healing the wounds caused by addiction isn’t easy.  Putting the knowledge into action is what members learn while at The Grounds.  We want members to be equally clear and familiar with the peace of mind and benefits that come from being free from addictive substances and related behaviors.  It’s a journey that each individual must travel in their own way and time.  We also know that some actions can help this process happen easier and quicker than going it alone.  While at The Grounds, we immerse members in an active, eclectic recovery community with the hope that it will attract them towards taking the necessary steps to achieve their own personal recovery.

This immersion includes full participation in the 12 Step community.  We introduce members to the 12 Step process as it is one of the most researched and proven modalities for successful recovery from substances.  While we understand that all members may not adopt a 12-Step program for life, we feel a responsibility to make sure that they feel comfortable and familiar with it as it a powerful resource available to anyone at any time anywhere in the world.  Examples of 12-Step activities that The Grounds requires:

  • We ask members to interpret the 12 Steps as they relate to their lives and experiences, reflect on their own beliefs, and gain insight into their own motivations, behaviors and characters.
  • Identify and secure an appropriate sponsor – someone in the recovery community that members can build a relationship with outside of The Grounds community. This gives members a resource person that they can maintain for life, diversifies the levels of accountability and provides an additional layer of support.
  • Daily 12 Step Meetings – San Diego has an eclectic and robust recovery community with a variety of meetings. We accompany members to daily meetings early in the Program to introduce them to the process and give them a wide experience.  As members gain employment and move to the Step Down House, they are free to attend meetings of their choice that suit their interests, needs and schedules.
  • Daily Meditations – each morning while in the Main House, members gather for a short meeting where a meditation is chosen and discussed. This allows members to better understand the concepts of the 12 Steps as well as reflect personally on how each concept has meaning in their own life and experience.