The Grounds Recovery and the Feds Fight Addiction Together!

June 14, 2016 – San Diego DEA Headquarters

Panel Discussion Regarding Opioid Addiction Epidemic

Featured Speaker- Cannon Kristofferson- The Grounds Recovery

The San Diego DEA headquarters hosted an essential event focusing on the nation’s opioid epidemic. The featured speaker was Cannon Kristofferson, Program Director at The Grounds Recovery. Cannon shared his experience of treating addicts in recovery and the importance of addressing opioid addiction on a grand scale. Along with an esteemed panel of Special Agents, Medical Examiners and other officials, the opioid addiction problem being faced by every community in the United States was discussed. The Feds are acknowledging this problem as a National State of Emergency. People from all walks of life are dying and we all need to be educated about the relation and progression from pharmaceutical opioids to IV heroin usage. The Grounds Recovery is honored the DEA invited us to be part of such an important discussion. We continue to focus our contribution on recovering young adult males in need of transitional living, vocational experience and clinical supports.