Team Building

Ralph Marston

“Excellence is not a skill it’s an attitude.”

Surfing at Dusk

At The House

Equine Therapy

Jon Kabat-Zin

You Can’t Stop the Waves But You Can Learn to Surf.

What Makes The Grounds Different

Climbing and Self Reliance

Nic Sheff

The life I’ve built for myself sober is better than any high a drug could give me.   Being sober isn’t just about not using.  Being sober is about the joy a life of clarity can bring.  There is nothing greater than that.  We are living to experience the undiluted amazement of life on life’s terms.  I have seen what real life has to offer and it is not cruel and oppressive—it is ecstatic.  It is ecstatic far beyond a drug like Ecstacy or morphine.  It is possible to know peace.  It is possible to watch all your dreams come to fruition.  I promise you that.