Hiking Towards Healing: Exploring California’s Trails for Physical and Mental Well-Being

Whether it’s exploring San Diego’s trail systems or taking a weekend trip into the Sierras, California trails never disappoint and always provide an opportunity to connect with nature. Find out how hiking fits into The Grounds program.

Cultivating Healthy Habits – How San Diego’s Food Scene Nourishes Body and Soul

The development of healthy habits in recovery is key to long term success. Find out how San Diego’s food scene can help our residents improve their nutrition and support an active and fulfilling sober lifestyle.

Prozac and Marijuana – Why It’s a Bad Idea to Mix Medications, Even if They Are Prescribed and/or Legal

Though more research is needed, existing research into the effects of using marijuana while taking Prozac indicates that the combination can decrease the efficacy of the anti-depressant by interfering with its metabolization.