Check out Alex and Scott’s Interview on the SD Local Podcast

SD Local

This past May, Alex Zemeckis and Scott DeLeau joined host Steve Levenson on the SD Local podcast to discuss The Grounds program and recovery. During the show, Alex and Scott covered a range of topics including transitional living program structure, realistic expectations for parents, and the reasons why long-term recovery requires at least one full year of treatment. They share their own stories and discuss the importance of a strong support network during an often ignored, yet critical stage of recovery – the stage in between treatment and re-entry to normal life.

With the American Psychological Association reporting a sizeable uptick in substance abuse and overdoses related to pandemic stress – particularly among young people — the information in this podcast is more important now than perhaps ever before. As a transitional living provider for young men exiting a 30-, 60- or 90-day rehabilitation program, The Grounds provides long-term support during that critical “in-between” recovery phase. Throughout the duration of our program, members build confidence and self-esteem while learning new, healthy lifestyle habits and skills to help them navigate work and personal stress without resorting to substance abuse when times get tough. Members learn how to enjoy a life of sobriety through hobbies and activities that are fun, exciting and rewarding, while also learning critical life skills related to money management, conflict resolution, and time management.

This podcast is a great listen for parents and for young people considering treatment because it provides an initial roadmap of the recovery process that includes realistic expectations and timelines.

Thank You SD Local!

Thanks to host Steven Levenson as well as our friends and business leaders in the San Diego area who made this collaboration possible.