Looking for Some Good Listening Material? We’ve Rounded Up Some of the Best Sobriety Podcasts Around

Whether You’re Looking for Advice, Community or Entertainment, Podcasts Are a Great Resource.

Understanding addiction, recovery, and long-term sobriety from multiple perspectives can help people on the recovery journey in numerous ways. Hearing about other people’s experiences can help listeners develop empathy, while the wisdom shared by people who have “been there” and made it through can be just the inspiration one needs to get through the tough days. 

One way to build this type of understanding is by listening to podcasts. Podcasts offer information and insights into the disease of addiction from field experts; they offer advice on how to cope from people who are in various stages of recovery; and they can be a source of comfort for those who are feeling alone or isolated because of their disease.

Whatever kind of insights you are looking for, there likely exists a podcast on the topic ready for download. To get you started, here is a list of some of the best addiction, recovery and sobriety podcasts that we’ve found so far.

Rich Roll

A Masterclass on Addiction and Recovery

The Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll hosts a wellness and personal enrichment podcast covering topics ranging from nutrition to fitness, entrepreneurship, and spirituality. He interviews the top thought leaders, influencers, and thinkers of our time, and his episode, A Masterclass on Addiction and Recovery addresses the nature of addiction through a compilation of conversations that present multiple perspectives. This podcast is a good introduction to the other episodes he devotes to addiction and recovery, which are all worth a listen.

Listen: A Masterclass on Addiction and Recovery

The Bubble Hour Podcast

The Bubble Hour

A weekly podcast with more than 300 episodes, this podcast is hosted by author and recovery advocate, Jean McCarthy. Many of Jean’s interviews are with people in recovery, providing insight into the many faces of addiction, their unique pathways to sobriety and the ways they are using their experiences to help others in recovery.  

Listen: The Bubble Hour

Relevant Recovery Radio Podcast Logo

Relevant Recovery Radio

This podcast, hosted by Heather and Donnie Mosher, covers a range of topics related to addiction of every sort. From trauma, to pain, to relapse and fellowship, they address the gamut of addiction issues and use the 12-step program as their recovery model. 

Listen: Relevant Recovery Radio

Seltzer Squad podcast

Seltzer Squad

Seltzer Squad is hosted by two friends, Jes Valentine and Kate Zander, who use their podcast platform to discuss topics related to sobriety including maintaining sobriety through breakups, managing anger and more. Their approach is casual (they don’t claim to be experts), and the intent is to provide a sober community of liked-minded people, rather than a place for professional advice. 

Listen: Seltzer Squad

Sobriety Unleashed Podcast

Sobriety Unleashed – An Alcohol-Free Podcast

This podcast ,focused more specifically on alcohol-recovery, is hosted by Ellen Woods and Simon Chapple. The podcast offers tips and advice on maintaining sobriety, inspiration, motivation and interviews with guest who lend insights helpful to those in recovery.

Listen: Sobriety Unleashed

At The Grounds Recovery, We Address the Whole Person, Not Just the Substance Use

Whether it’s listening to podcasts, reading books on recovery, participating in art or music therapy, building a support network through surfing, work training, 12-step participation, or group meals, we at The Grounds Recovery believe it’s important to address all aspects of a person’s health and well-being. Our program is designed to help young men build the skills necessary to live a fulfilling sober life and our mission is to provide insight and access to the many dynamic resources that exist to support that goal.

The Grounds Recovery – Transitional Living for Young Men in Recovery