Finding Meaning – What Makes San Diego an Ideal Place to Develop a Purposeful Life in Recovery

Finding Meaning

For recovery to stick, it needs to be about more than just sobriety.

At The Grounds, we believe that there is more to recovery than abstaining from drugs and alcohol. Recovery is also a matter of recovering one’s sense of self. It’s about building confidence, capability, and autonomy. It’s about creating a life worth protecting. As Victor Frankl said in his seminal work, Man’s Search for Meaning, “those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’.” To recover fully, one must cultivate a life of meaning and purpose. This is accomplished through things like relationships, community, faith, work, hobbies, habits and routines, and short- and long-term goals.

San Diego – A Resource-Rich Environment Perfect for Finding Meaning and Purpose

We chose San Diego as the location of our transitional living homes because it is a resource-rich environment conducive to the development of meaning and purpose.

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Learning and Self Improvement

Countless colleges, trade schools and vocational programs provide ample opportunity to discover passions and talents.

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Exploration and Adventure

San Diego’s temperate climate and proximity to oceans, mountains and deserts make it an ideal location for exploring the outdoors, trying new hobbies and setting fitness goals.

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Service and Support

Hundreds of churches and religious and volunteer organizations operate in San Diego County, providing opportunities for community involvement, faith-based exploration and service.

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Professional Care and Services

There are countless AA and NA meetings that occur at nearly all hours of the day and night in San Diego, as well as many options for group and/or individual therapy and counseling.

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Friends, Community, Culture

San Diego is a culturally rich community that boasts a diverse population and more than a million people. With this diversity comes the opportunity to meet like-minded people, develop lasting friendships, and build a network of people who provide support, assistance and connection.

Purpose and Meaning Are a Vital Part of Recovery

The process of building a meaningful life involves confronting trauma and overcoming obstacles. Committing to this journey can help those in recovery better understand the nature of their addiction and can help develop the healthy coping mechanisms necessary to resist relapse. Meanwhile, investing in long-term goals can help those in recovery find the “why” they need to maintain their sobriety. Meaning and purpose are often developed around relationships with healthy people, and these relationships provide stability and support during challenging moments.

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The Health Benefits of Pursuing Meaning and Purpose

Having meaning and purpose in life directly impacts well-being. In fact, studies suggest that living a purposeful life positively impacts sleep and eating habits, and even improves biological functioning, leading to lower levels of inflammation and lowered risk of chronic diseases including Alzheimer’s. Building meaning makes life worth living and sobriety worth protecting. Engaging in purposeful activities can help reduce stress, improve self-confidence, and contribute to a sense of deep fulfillment that provides strength during times of trouble and temptation.

The Grounds Provides Opportunity for Holistic Self-Improvement

At The Grounds, our mission is to provide our residents with the opportunities and experiences that can help them build meaning and purpose in their lives. From surf therapy, to culinary classes, to our partnership with Rock to Recovery, our program is dynamic, experiential and community-based. 

Community Involvement

We discourage isolating behavior by providing engaging activities and ample opportunity to demonstrate responsibility and self-discipline. 

Personal Responsibility

Our residents are expected to keep their rooms and common areas clean and tidy, and we respect each other’s privacy and autonomy.

Health & Fitness

We eat healthy, exercise daily, and spend time together in group therapy and leisure activities.

Goal Setting & Follow-Through

Our residents are expected to work and develop career goals and a plan for maintaining their well-being upon graduating. 

Because we know that this type of skill-building takes time, our program is progressive and achievement-based. As our residents work on developing personal responsibility, self-confidence, emotional regulation, and, ideally, greater meaning and purpose, they are rewarded with more freedom and more opportunity, with the ultimate goal being full independence.

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